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Ms. Meagan teaching a group class at Velocity

Group classes are a fun way to learn as a beginner!  We will meet weekly at Velocity Music Academy.  Come join us.

Why choose group classes over private lessons?  Group classes combine the best of both worlds.  Your child will receive superior instruction, but will have the opportunity of learning with peers.  The longer lesson time (at a tuition rate that is less than a private lesson), gives me as a teacher a chance to incorporate fun learning activities through group games.  We also cover additional concepts such as ear training and music theory that just are not possible in a short private lesson.  Group lessons really are a great way for children to learn.  As a mom myself, I see how effective group learning is in other activities that my children do, from gymnastics to swimming.  Music is no different – each lesson will be skill based, and more often than not, groups of classes stay together for the entire school year.  However, once the child masters the concepts in a certain skill based group, he/she can demonstrate retained knowledge of the materials through a skill based assessment and move to a higher level class if needed.

If you are interested in group classes, please fill out the following form below indicating your availability.  Since forming group classes is dependent upon age and experience, these things will be taken into consideration when forming classes.

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