Hi, I am Dr. Kathy Rabago

Studio Piano Teacher | online teacher | course creator
Now accepting new students for Spring 2019!

Who I am Piano Lessons

Hello & welcome

Dr. Kathy Rabago teaches piano both at her home studio & commercial studio in Cedar Park, TX, at St. Edward’s University, & also through online lessons + courses that she creates.  She has inspired hundreds of students in her 25+ career of teaching music, and in doing so, has created a dream career that she is passionate about.  New students are always welcome in her studio, from beginners of all ages to advanced students.  She believes that there is music inside everyone.

In her non-teaching hours, Dr. Rabago is mom to two middle school students, spends times nurturing her garden, loves creating new recipes, and can be found on local hiking trails with her two dogs.

Music is in all of us.

What I teach

Private Lessons

I teach piano lessons with lab time to students of all ages at my home in Cedar Park, and at my studio, Velocity Music Academy.

Group Lessons

I teach group lessons for adults & children at Velocity Music Academy, and undergraduate group piano at St. Edward’s University.

Online Lessons

Learn piano at home, on your own pace!  You will find my online piano courses + custom online lessons at pianoprogram.com.

Music theory course

Learn music theory and prepare for the state theory tests using my online music theory lessons, available at pianoprogram.com.

Audition prep

I regularly prepare students to local festivals and competitions, The Music Development Program assessments, and college auditions.

20-20-20 rotating lessons

A rotating lesson is designed for students who are looking for recreational lessons and are not quite ready to commit to daily practice.  Rotating lessons include 20 minutes of private/pairs lesson time + 20 minutes of lab time + 20 minutes of keyboard practice.  It’s a perfect option for many families!

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Interested in lessons?  I’d love to schedule a meeting to talk to you about what I offer!

Velocity Music Academy

I also own and manage Velocity Music Academy in Cedar Park Texas.  If my schedule is full, and you’d like to study with another teacher, I would be happy to recommend one of our teachers at Velocity.  I teach both at Velocity and at my home studio.

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